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Wykes Roots


Are you researching any of the following names?

GOONS I have registered WYKES with the Guild of One-Name Studies as a One-name Study (No. 3119) and would be interested in hearing from anyone else researching these names.

This section of the World WYKES Web is an attempt to assist other genealogists by making available some of the data I have accumulated in my own studies of my family tree and other Wykes lines.

Searching this Site

Searching this site for information is straightforward, but you need to be aware of the different searches you can perform.

Searching the Main Site

Use Search This Site on the home page to search the main site for a particular word or group of words.  As well as searching the pages of the main site all the entries in the Visitors Book will also be searched. Note that the messages in the Private Forum and the individual records in Census, Parish and Other Records are not searched using this facility.

Searching the Private Forum Messages

To search the database of messages in the Private Forum click on the Search button at the top of the Message Index page. You can perform a simple search, as above, or an advanced search using Boolean logic.


Wykes Family Trees

I am building an online database of genealogies for Wykes and the related names, which I am progressively placing online. Check the master index, to locate individuals in any of the genealogies. The master index is a list of names being researched, together with date and place of birth and date of death, if available.

Each individual in the master index has a corresponding family details page, which shows details for the individual and his/her spouse and links to their parents and children, permitting navigation up and down the family tree.

If you use genealogical software to store your family tree and it can produce output in the popular GEDCOM format, email me if you would like your tree or subtree included in the database. Your tree does not need to be linked in any way to the existing trees. I have written a program which load the GEDCOM file into a relational database and integrates them into the master index.

If you are researching any of the names in the master index, the email address of the researcher who supplied the information is given at the bottom of the page containing family details.

Wykes Census, Parish and Other Records

I have transcribed WYKES data for several counties from UK Censuses, Parish Records and other sources and others have have been kind enough to supply their transcriptions.  These have been placed online for the benefit of other researchers who may not have easy access to this information. See Census, Parish and Other Records.

WYKES Distribution Maps

I have done some analyses of both modern and historic distributions of the name WYKES and its variants, some based on modern telephone directory listings and others on the 1881 British National Census. These give some interesting insights into geographic origins of the names.

Contacting Other Researchers

The Visitors Book

If you are looking for a particular piece of information, your message is fairly short and you want to get it to the widest audience, then the Visitors Book is probably the best place for it. All entries in the Visitors Book are emailed to me immediately. Other researchers and casual visitors will be able to see your message and anyone with information can get in touch with you directly.

The Private Forum

If you have a longer message, containing genealogies, or seeking links to other lines, or on more general topics concerning Wykes or the related names, then the Private Forum may be a better place to post your enquiries. Your messages will not be visible to all visitors to the site, but will be seen by the researchers who frequent the forum. These tend to be (but are not exclusively) people who are also researching one of the names. This is the place to ask general questions and to join in discussions. Before you can access the forum, you will need to apply for a username and password. You can fill in the application form online.


Finally, you can always email me at

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