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Census, Parish and Other Records

This section of the World WYKES Web is an attempt to make generally available WYKES data (and data for the variant names) extracted from a variety of primary and secondary sources by myself and other researchers.  If you have extracted entries for WYKES or one of the variants for a particular location and would like to contribute your data to the project, please email me at  If you are considering contributing your data, you may want to look at some notes on File Formats.
Census Records
Area Covered Year Name(s) Coverage
Gloucestershire, England 1851 WICKS, WEEKES, WYKES etc. Complete
  1881 WICKS, WEEKES, WYKES etc. Complete
Leicestershire, England 1881 WYKES Complete
Norfolk, England 1891 WYKES, WEEKES, WICKES Complete
Northamptonshire, England 1841 WYKES Partial
  1851 WYKES Partial
  1861 WYKES Daventry
  1881 WYKES Complete
   1891  WYKES Partial 
Middlesex & City of London 1881 WYKES. Full
Ontario, Canada 1871 WICKS, WEEKES, WYKES etc. Partial
Somerset, England 1881 WICKS, WEEKES, WYKES etc. Complete
Warwickshire, England 1851 WYKES Complete
  1881 WYKES Complete
Wiltshire, England 1881 WICKS, WEEKES, WYKES etc. Complete

Please note that these transcriptions should not be considered a substitute for an examination of the census records themselves, which may provide more information about other inhabitants of a household or neighbours who may prove to be of interest.  Remember also that these lists are transcriptions and as such are susceptible to errors of transcription and omission. Please report any corrections to the above email address.

See also the UK Distribution Analyses for UK distribution maps of the name WYKES and its variants according to census place and birth place as recorded in the 1881 Census.

In addition to Census data there are many other sources of information of use to the genealogist.

Parish/Local Records
County Parish Name(s)
Northamptonshire Cold Ashby WYKES/WIKES/WICKES etc. 
  Creaton WYKES 
  Heyford C of E WIKES/WYKES 
  Northampton All Saints C of E WIKES/WYKES 
  Hearth Tax list - 25 March 1674 WYKES and all variants
Leicestershire Ratby and Groby WYKES/WIKES
  Ratcliffe Culey WYKES/WIKES
  Sheepy Magna WYKES/WIKES
Warwickshire Nether Whitacre WYKES


Births, Marriages & Deaths
Ireland 1865-1902 Births - WEEKES and Variants All Variants


Military Records
Gloucestershire Men & Armour in Gloucestershire, 1608 All Variants
  Commonwealth War Graves  WYKES

Many thanks to Sandra Cooke, Mike Cummins, Alan Clarke, Ronda Wicks, Francis Wykes, Francis Howcutt, Martyn Parsons, Dennis Weekes, David Wicks  and all other contributors.

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