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Wykes Heraldry

Cornwall Devon Somerset Dorset Gloucestershire Herefordshire Oxfordshire Lancashire Sussex Surrey Middlesex Hertfordshire Essex Cambridgeshire UK Heraldry * Cambridgeshire
* Cornwall
* Devon
* Dorset
* Essex
* Gloucestershire
* Herefordshire
* Hertfordshire
* Lancashire
* Middlesex
* Oxfordshire
* Somerset
* Surrey
* Sussex
* Unknown Provenance
All the heraldic information and illustrations on these pages are by David Wicks and are reproduced by kind permission.

David has attempted to reproduce the arms in their original format, free of the embellishments and fripperies which became fashionable much later. The original purpose of these heraldic devices was identification on the field of battle, hence the simplicity of design and the similarity of the arms of closely related bearers. Achievement style is based loosely on the Armorial de Gelre 1370-1386.

The following is a list of the sources referenced in the text.
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  • Fairburn's Book of Family Crests.
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