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Wykes Distribution

Current distribution of Wykeses tends to be concentrated in the UK and the former British Colonies as would be expected of a name originating in England.

Wykes is the 75,973rd most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is less than 0.000%; percentile is 89.260 [SourceCBN]

A cursory examination of the UK distribution of Wykes shows that a large majority are located in the East Midlands, in and adjacent to the counties of Northampton and Leicester, not too far from the Danelaw area of Viking settlement on the east coast. The present distribution is consistent with an inland migration over time from the east coast of England, where most of the successive waves of invasion and occupation took place.  An analysis of the 1881 UK Census data for all the variant names indicates different centres of concentration for some of the variants.


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The map shows countries for which I have done some distribution analysis based on the number of entries in the countries' telephone directories, historical Census information and other sources.  A breakdown of distributions within countries is available by clicking on one of the red countries on the map, or on one the links below the map.

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