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Wykes Genealogy
Nigel Batty-Smith's Devonshire Genealogy
Follow the Database - Surnames Index - W - Wykes links
Langley Family Website with links to Devonshire Wykeses
Tina Burt's Weeks Genealogy
Weeks Family Registry
Paul Wick's Genealogy Pages
Wike Genealogy
WICKSGEN - Family site of Ronda and Elanna Wicks
The Wykes Family Pages (Texas)

The Weekes Family
Descendants of Joseph Weekes and Jane Fullerton, immigrants to Ontario in 1839 from County Antrim, Ireland.
Genealogy and Related Resources
Roots Web
Search the Roots Web Surname Index
Interactive Search of the RootsWeb Mailing Lists
GENDEX - WWW Genealogical Index
The Genealogy Home Page
Kindred Konnections
American and British History Resources on the Internet
The Simtel.Net MS-DOS/Windows Collection of Genealgy Tools
Online Index to documents in the UK Public Records Office
British Library/Public Records Office Access To Archives Database
The International Genealogical Index
US Social Security Death Index Interactive Search
UK Interactive Maps
UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Medieval English Genealogy
The Heraldry Society
The College of Arms
Heraldry on the Internet

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