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Gallery - Creaton, Northants


The small village of Great Creaton lies about 6 miles north-west of Northampton, straddling the old A50 Northampton to Leicester road (now the A5199).  It is a typical English village, complete with village green, two churches and of course a pub. 

Maps of Creaton

Images produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Images reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.
The Church of St Michael & All

St. Michael's Church, or to give it its full name, the Church of St. Michael and All Angels, is a small church located within the village, on the side of a hill, from which there are good views to the north to the grounds of the magnificent Queen Anne house of Cottesbrooke Hall and its renowned gardens, and to the east to the imposing 7th Century Saxon church of All Saints at Brixworth.  St Michael's most noteworthy feature is the broad, squat clock tower, which dates from the 12th  and 13th centuries, which houses a peel of six bells.  It may have served as a watchtower and a place of refuge for the villagers in times of civil strife.

Creaton United Reformed Church

There has been a non-conformist chapel on the site of the present United Reformed Church since 1694, although the present building dates from 1793 and has been renovated and refurbished several times since then.

I have traced my family back to this village, which is also where James William Wykes, common ancestor of the Texas and Ohio Wykeses, was born. Two of his sons travelled to the New World. Joseph, who became a preacher of some note, was the common ancestor of the Ohio Wykeses and Edward Samuel the common ancestor of the Texas Wykeses

For more views of the village and additional information see the Creaton Village website.

Headstone of William Wykes (1756-1833) and his wife Jane (1761-1835) who were the grandparents of Joseph and Edward Samuel  who emigrated to America. The Manor House, Creaton
Contemporary references in directories to Creaton give an insight into the life and times of the village and provide useful information for the historian and genealogist.
Kelly's Northamptonshire 1848

Great Greaton:
A parish of the Hundred of Guildsborough, 7.5 miles NNW from Northampton. It contained in 1841 505 inhabitants. Colonel Pack is the Lord of the Manor. The living is a rectory in the deaconry of Northampton and diocese of Peterborough rated in the Kings book at 11.1s.8d. Its present value is 210; The Rev John McConnick M.A. is the incumbent. The church is dedicated to St. Michael. In 1825, 6 cottages were built on a piece of land in the village by Rev Thomas Jone, late curate of the parish, for the accommodation of aged widows. 

Mconnick, Rev John M.A. [Rector]
Martin Rev. David

Bailey, John, 'Horse Shoe', Blacksmith 
Barker, Thomas, Farmer 
Cole, John, Master of National School 
Cornish, William, beer retailer 

Dunkley, John, Farmer 
Gossage, Thomas, Farmer
Gulliver, Edward, Farmer 
Orland, Edward, Farmer 
Orland, John, Farmer 
Rogers, Mrs, Farmer 
Sanderson, Mrs, Farmer 
Sumpter, Francis, Retailer 
Wykes, William, Farmer 
Directory of Northamptonshire 1849

Creaton Great Parish (Creaton Magna) - 790 acres
Pop. 1801 = 341; 1831 = 543; 1841 = 505.

Colonel Pack is the Lord of the Manor; The Lord of the Manor and the Rector are the principle owners (Rateable value 1644).

In the Doomsday survey it was held by Gunfrid de Cioches - also recorded as Craptone, Creptone and Cretone.

There is an independent Chapel in the village and Male and Female schools were created in 1845 at a cost of about 400.

Andrew, John, Tailer 
Ashby, John, Carpenter 
Bailey, John, vict. "Horse Shoe" 
Bailey, Thos, Blacksmith 
Bushwell, Edward, Baker 
Cheney, John, Builder 
Cornish, John, Builder 
Cornish, Samuel, Builder, 
Cornish, Thomas, Stone Mason 
Cornish, Wm, beer retailer 
Cornish, William, Stone Mason 
Crisp, Samuel, Parish Clerk 
Faulkener, Robert, Shoemaker 
Gulliver, Mr Joseph 
Herbage, Mrs Hannah 
Letts, Thomas, Grocer 
King, Wingate, Butcher 
Mandeno, Rev James Francis (Independant) 
Manton Mrs Anne 
McConnick, Rev John, Rector 
Moore Enoch, Builder 

Morgan, Benj, Shoe Maker 
Orland, Wm, Grocer, Baker and General Dealer
Palmer William, Draper and c 
Poevers, Wm, Shoemaker 
Ringrose, John, Carpenter 
Ringrose Samuel, Carpenter 
Roach, Mary, shopkeeper 
Rose John, green grocer 
Ryder, John, Schoolmaster 
Sharman, Isaac 
Soden, Francis, Builder 
Thompson, Joseph, Tailer 
Wykes, William, Coal Dealer 

Farmers and Grazers
Barker, Thomas (and maltster) 
Dunkley, William 
Orland Edward (andMaltster) 
Orland John, Yeoman and Corn Miller 
Rogers, Thomas 
Sanders, Mary 

Directory of Northamptonshire 1874

Great Creaton
The independent chapel has a Sunday school attached; the former was built about 1792. There is a residence for the minister near the chapel.

Farmers and Grazers
Dinkley, Samuel 
Gossage, Thomas 
Orland, John (Yeoman) 
Pickering, William 

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