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Private Forum FAQ



Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you may have about the Forum. (30 Sept 2001)

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How do I post a message?

To post a message (start a new thread), select Post A New Message at the top of the message list page. That takes you to the message entry form. Enter your name, a subject (make it descriptive because it's used as the title in the message listing), and a message. Then select the Post Message button. Your message will be posted and displayed.

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How do I reply to (or followup) a message?

When you are viewing a message after clicking on the title in the message listing, scroll to the bottom of the page, to get to the Followup Form. Fill in the blanks. A name and a message are required. The rest is optional. Select the Post Message button when you're done.

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Can I put HTML tags anywhere in my posts?

You can, but they won't execute. They will show as code.

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How do I put graphical emoticons in my messages?

There are several graphical emoticons which will be substituted into a message when the equivalent text emoticon appears in the message.  The following table shows the graphical and text versions of the emoticons which the Forum software knows about.

Emoticon Text Version Name
:-(   :-(   Frown
:-)   :-)   Smile
:-)   ;-) Wink
:-/  :-\ or :-/ Oh Well
:-O  :-O or :O Eek
&gt;:-&lt;  >:-< or >:-( Angry

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Why didn't the Link URL or Image show up?

The URLs for the Optional Link entry and the Optional Image must begin with "http://". And don't forget to provide a title for the Optional Link.

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How do I quote from a message, in my reply?

Drag your mouse pointer though the portion of the message you want to quote, copy it, and paste it into the reply's message window. I usually put a > symbol at the beginning of quoted lines.

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The top of the thread list says 38 out of 130 messages. How do I get to see the rest?

Use the Personalise Display function at the top of the screen on the message list page.

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How can I open all of the messages in a thread, all at once?

In any thread view, click on the message number to open the Narrative Thread View. Once in the Narrative Thread View, click on a message number to reply to that message.

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Where can I get the scripts for this program?

The scripts are written in Perl and were created by Mikel Cummins and Harry Wykes.

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