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Wykes Distribution - United Kingdom


1995 UK Distribution
Based on a Survey of Telephone Directories

This is the first survey of Wykes distribution that I attempted in 1995.  I had access to a copy of the British Telecom Telephone Directory CD, from which I extracted all  583 entries listed under the name WYKES.  

The distribution analysis was done with genealogical researches in mind, so I have assigned all the locations to their old, pre-1974 counties before local government reorganisation.  This makes comparison with historical distributions possible. See the other distribution analyses below.

Count  County
83 Warwickshire
70 Northamptonshire
68 Leicestershire
42 Nottinghamshire
19 Cheshire, Derbyshire
17 Dorset, London
15 Surrey, Kent, Devon
13 Sussex
12 Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Hampshire
11 Norfolk
10 Lincolnshire
9 Lanarkshire, Essex, Suffolk
7 Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire
6 Somerset, Kirkcudbrightshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire
5 Middlesex, Cumberland, Cornwall
4 Flintshire, Denbighshire
3 Midlothian, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire
2 Worcestershire, Shropshire, Glamorgan, Oxfordshire, Northumberland, Stirlingshire, Fife
1 Argyllshire, Pembrokeshire, Radnorshire, Rutland, County Down, Wigtownshire, Huntingdonshire, Durham, Anglesey


A ranked count of WYKES listings and UK distribution map, based on the 1995 British Telecom Telephone Directories.


Count  County
234 Leicestershire
228 Warwickshire
181 Northamptonshire
89 Nottinghamshire
56 Derbyshire, London, Yorkshire
55 Cheshire
48 Surrey, Essex
47 Hampshire
44 Kent
42 Staffordshire
38 Glamorgan
29 Lancashire
27 Lincolnshire
24 Worcestershire
22 Dorset, Cornwall
21 Sussex
19 Norfolk, Devon
18 Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire
17 Berkshire
15 Somerset
12 Cumberland, Lanarkshire, Suffolk, Kirkcudbrightshire
11 Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex
9 Cambridgeshire
8 Midlothian, Gloucestershire
7 Caernarfonshire
6 Durham
5 Fife
4 Radnorshire, Berwickshire, Derbyshire (Detached), Morayshire, Oxfordshire
3 Wigtownshire, Northumberland
2 Shropshire, Dunbartonshire, Flintshire, Montgomeryshire, Ayrshire
1 Stirlingshire, Pembrokeshire, Westmorland, Renfrewshire, Brecknockshire, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, Argyllshire, Huntingdonshire

2001 UK Distribution
Based on UK-Info CD

This analysis of WYKES distribution in the UK in 2001 is based on the 2001UK-Info CD, which contains information about adults extracted from a number of sources including telephone directories and electoral rolls.  The UK-Info database is probably as complete a list of the adult population of the UK as it is possible to achieve without access to the current census records.

The data have been analysed according to the 'old', pre-1974 counties.   There are 1642 individuals listed.


A ranked count of WYKES listings and UK distribution map, based on the 2001 UK-Info database.


1881 UK Distribution
Based on the 1881 Census

And for a historical perspective, here's an analysis of all the WYKES entries in the 1881 UK Census, based on their whereabouts on Census Night 1881.  Note that the Census records include juveniles.  There are 1045 individuals listed.

Count  County
220 Leicestershire
203 Northamptonshire
194 Warwickshire
86 London
41 Derbyshire
36 Kent, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire
28 Yorkshire
23 Essex
17 Bedfordshire
13 Berkshire, Surrey
12 Lancashire, Kirkcudbrightshire
11 Cheshire
10 Linconshire
9 Hertfordshire
8 Worcestershire, Huntingdonshire
7 Dorset
6 Shropshire
4 Norfolk
2 Hampshire, Pembrokeshire, Suffolk
1 Gloucestershire, Cumberland, Oxfordshire, Cambidgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon
Distribution map  and ranked count of WYKES listings according to the 1881 UK Census

For UK distribution maps of the related names, see the UK Distribution Analyses.

For a dynamic map of UK placenames which contain elements of the name Wykes and it's phonetic variants, see the UK Placename Analysis.

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