UK Surname Distribution Analysis
Version 1.40

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This facility permits you to plot distribution maps for variants of surnames based on the old, pre-1974 counties of the UK.

If you have not used this facility before, it is strongly recommended that you read the Help information before continuing.

In order to plot the map you will need to upload the data to be plotted.  The data you upload can be from one of two sources.

1.   An extract from the LDS 1881 British Census National Index.  (More Info
  Upload a Census National Index File 
2.   An Aggregated Distribution File.  This file is created from the Census National Index extract file when you upload it, or can be a file you have created yourself. (More Info)  
Windows users can download a program to convert a National Index File into an Aggregated Distribution File on their own PC. (More Info
  Upload an Aggregated Distribution File 

Sample files
are available for download.