Surname Distribution Analysis

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As featured in Family Chronicle Jan/Feb 2003

Surname distribution analysis is a useful tool for those engaged in a One-name Study or more general genealogical research.  While this analysis can be done non-graphically, a graphical analysis has much more visual impact, and spatial relationships are more readily discerned. For an example of the output, follow the Samples link above or below.

Now that there is at least one source of national census data for the UK and the US on CD-ROM, courtesy of the LDS, there is a need for a method of creating distribution maps from these sources, in a simple and straightforward manner. 

This facility is an attempt to satisfy that need.  This site does NOT contain data for surname distributions.  You must upload your own data which is then plotted.  Your data can be extracted from the UK 1881 Census or the US 1880 Census CDs, published by the LDS, or can be an extract from your own collection of Surname data. 

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Many thanks to my fellow genealogists who were kind enough to help with the development and testing of this facility.  Particular thanks are due to GOONS members Geoff Riggs for help with the UK Distribution Analysis and Doug Garnett for help with the US Distribution Analysis.

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