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Hi all I am trying to get information on the wicks family. All I know is that my father and mother (ne:kempthorn) live in the helston and gweek area . I was born in cambourn hospital in 1942 3rd of may. I know that my family are concted to the Rashlys. I have not been able to find out any more. If any one can help please email me. I f you live in cornwall yyou can call me on 01326-315700 any time. Thanks for any help you can give. Just one thing we have a Family website were you can see photos of me and my family. At (Inamed the site with my wifes name. Thanks
tony wicks,
Wed 20 Sep 2006 21:01:56
I have accumulated a vast amount of BMD and census information about the Wyke family during my research and if there is anyone out there who would like some help just drop me a line and I'' see what I can do.
Carol Buchan,
Fri 29 Sep 2006 14:58:53
anybody got any information on the wixey family pls tell me! thnx x
amy wixey,
Mon 09 Oct 2006 19:20:09
Hello. I'm looking for a guy named Aidan Weekes-Hannah. In some way I'm related to him. If anyone can help me come in touch with him, please contact me.
Zoofie Engla Ljung,
Fri 13 Oct 2006 01:03:25
I wrote wrong email before. Now it's the right one.
Zoofie Engla Ljung,
Fri 13 Oct 2006 01:05:26
Cheryl Lynn Wyke, email me, just wondering how life treated you. An old friend.
Gilbert Jensen,
Sun 15 Oct 2006 11:06:09
Very interesting. Will pass this info on to my mother who is our resident geneologist.
Elizabeth Weekes Billmann,
Tue 24 Oct 2006 01:24:47
I have never in my life come face to face with a wykes outside of my family and i don't know that i ever will. I just wanted to leave my name here because i had no idea there were so many of us out there. I don't know if it helps but i've always been told my family had an english, scottish background.
Michael Wykes,
Tue 24 Oct 2006 19:24:16
Hi i am desendant from the 1820 settlers who emigrated to south Africa. If you have any info on our family tree/history i would much appreciate it.
Andrew Wicks,
Tue 31 Oct 2006 11:16:40
Hi, great site. I've just started researching my family tree so this is a great find! All of my family originate from Mountsorrel in Leicestershire.
Mon 06 Nov 2006 12:35:43

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