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I am another of the Texas Wykes enjoying your page-thanks
Helen Williams,
Wed 06 May 1998 10:17:12
Greetings from your southern kin! I am a descendent of Benjamin Weeks who settled in Georgia in the late 1790's and later moved to Alabama in 1820 (?) after the Indians were displaced.
Arnold D. Weeks Jr.,
Wed 06 May 1998 18:36:18
I am researching my ancester William Weeks who settled on Martha's Vineyard about 1653. I am trying to determine how he got to America, and from what part of England he came.
Robert Martin Weeks,
Thu 07 May 1998 02:06:54
Very Interesting...
Jennifer Weeks,
Wed 20 May 1998 15:51:53
Hi! Happy to see your page. Maybe my husband's surname was spelled differently at one time. Would love to hear from any Wickses who ended up settling in Kentucky and Illinois. They say that the first Wickses here came from Wales.
Joyce (McElroy) Wicks,
Sat 30 May 1998 21:41:58
Wow! What an impressive site (and sight)! My grandmother was a Weeks (sometimes spelled Wicks), but I'm pretty much at a dead end with her gr.grandfather, Richard Weeks, from Gloucester Co., New Jersey, b. 1804. Only clue on his parentage is his death certificate, which says his parents were Samuel and Ann (probably correct, but he also had 2 children with those names). There are lots of references to Weeks families in NJ back to the early 18th c. but nobody has been able to tie them into family groups, with the exception of one or two lines. Richard's son Samuel was a fascinating character who kept diaries of his experience in the Civil and Mexican American Wars. Eventually I want to get some excerpts up on my web page, (address )
Sarah Shaw Tatounova,
Sun 31 May 1998 05:52:08
David is the brother of Mary Kuhn.
David and Sheila Rowntree,
Tue 09 Jun 1998 05:25:36
Hello again - has anyone reading this any knowledge about Jacob Wike who appears in the US 1756 Berks Co., Pennsylvania then to North Carolina. appreciate an email
Agnes Cloninger,
Thu 11 Jun 1998 19:17:14
Just came from Wykes family reunion today in Arlington Texas. Good to see family from all over...Glad to find Wykes web page..
Leigh Ann Wykes Hibbs,
Sun 14 Jun 1998 01:49:23
Sensational site. David Wicks pointed me in the right direction.
William Patrick Wicks,
Thu 18 Jun 1998 00:33:53

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