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Brilliant site. Trying to research my family. I will definately be back.
Andrew Wykes,
Wed 09 Feb 2005 23:07:28
Congratulations on the quality of your site. I am researching the Woodfords of Welford so was interested to read about John Woodford the butcher.
Sue Murray,
Fri 11 Feb 2005 12:25:30
Your site is great, I now know more about the wykes name. Most of the relatives I know are in West Virginia, Ohio, and PA. Now to figure out where Berger came from?
Kenneth Berger Wyke,
Sat 12 Feb 2005 07:51:14
WEEKS- ancestors in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Sussex and Devon Also
Bob Taylor,
Sat 19 Feb 2005 21:28:50
Im looking for Wyke family who came from Lancashire.The area of Much Woolton in Liverpool.Any help would be appreciated. Love the sight found it very useful.
brenda barlow,
Mon 28 Feb 2005 01:22:14
My dad's joined so I thought, so would I!
Sat 05 Mar 2005 01:02:41
Graham Wykes here from Derbyshire, England
Graham Wykes,
Mon 14 Mar 2005 00:04:40
Hi, anyone come across a WILLIAM POULTER WICKS, b. c1808 d. 1859 portsea, hamps. Married (1) Esther Barton 1835. (2) Sarah Buckingham 1847, his fathers name was Robert Wicks.
Sandra Playford,
Sun 27 Mar 2005 18:39:38
why is the "S" on Wykes, is it a different name from Wyke?
David Lee Wyke,
Sun 03 Apr 2005 00:39:23
I came across this site while I was researching my family tree. My grandfather is a Wyke who married my grandmother who is a Weekes- which after looking at your website is quite worrying! I worked alongside a Wykes and went to uni' with a weeks (he spelt it with only one 'e'). I thought you might be interested to know that there is also a Caribbean connection.
nelle Wyke,
Tue 05 Apr 2005 09:36:06

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