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Nice to know you because a Wykes lost his life for our freedom in April 1945. We do not forget! All the best. My URL is
Menno H. Huizinga,
Sat 21 Mar 1998 15:45:53
My mother-in-law is a Wykes from Michigan. Great web page. Her father was Robert Wykes and we've traced the family back to John Wykes of North Wykes. Would be interested in any other Wykes that have further information on the family.
Sonya Berger,
Sun 22 Mar 1998 04:26:39
Great job Harry! It shocks me to see that there are so many Wykes' out there.
Brad Wykes,
Sat 28 Mar 1998 02:48:15
Well done
Ron Burnett,
Sun 29 Mar 1998 15:27:21
How nice to see so many Wykeses in one place. I have researched the Wykes family from Sheepy Magna and Sibson in Leicestershire thru Corley to Coventry in Warwickshire, England and am stuck on a William Wykes b. 1708c somewhere. He married Frances Nutt at Sheepy Magna on 16th october 1731. Has anyone seen a William that could belong to me. I would love to hear from them. Best wishes to you all, Beverley
Sun 29 Mar 1998 21:27:31
WOW! Have been looking for Weeks ancestors with not much luck. A dead end gave my the link to your website and I'm impressed. Am descended from Leonard Weeks son Samuel. Hope I can find some information on him and his son John.
Judith Abbott,
Mon 30 Mar 1998 02:51:52
My maternal grandmother was a WICKS and I have relatives (WICKS) in Alberta and BC. Research continues. Congrats on your site.
Edward (Paddy) Apling,
Wed 01 Apr 1998 20:06:37
Can't believe there are so many Wykeses around. I understand our family name was originally Von Vykes (pronounced "Veeks"). Great web site...will visit again. Thanks
Barrie Wykes,
Mon 06 Apr 1998 03:48:12
Just starting in the name game,trying to trace my ancestors.I'm from Lancashire,with my Grandparents coming from the Ironbridge area of shropshire in the UK. Any help gratefully received.
David T Wyke,
Wed 15 Apr 1998 18:50:10
I'm a Wykes from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I'm rapt to know how many other people need to automatically spell out their names every day. I'm planning on marrying a Brown or a Smith
Rebekah Wykes,
Mon 27 Apr 1998 02:51:19

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