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Just like to pop in and say hello from the Wickes' of Illinois. As far as I know, there have been 4 generations of my family in the midwest.
Elizabeth (Ellie) Wickes,
Wed 17 Jul 2002 07:33:46
Was looking for the family crest one night and found your delightful site. I’m a direct descendent of Thomas Weekes (born in 1644 in Of Foots Cray, Kent, England). My branch left England in 1853, when Robert Weekes (born 1790 in Bexley, Welling, Kent, England) decided to move his family out here to Utah, he died on the wagon trip over (depressing story, I got from some relatives journal.) Sometime in my great grandfathers life he changed the spelling of the name to Weeks, also somewhere along the way we started pronouncing it weeks, like in; days, weeks, months. If anybody knows more information about Thomas Weekes (1644) please send it to me, my grandmother would love to fill in some blanks.
Joshua Daniel Weeks,
Tue 23 Jul 2002 06:30:19
My great maternal grandfather was Harry John Weeks, who died on 4 August 1943, aged 34. Harry's parents were Edward Sidney Weeks and Emma Weeks. His husband was Hilda R M Weeks of Clay Cross, Derbyshire. I would love to obtain any information about my Weeks relatives.
Paul Ferguson,
Wed 24 Jul 2002 15:11:02
hi harry was just working and thought about the family and wanted to let you know that i am thinking of you and all you are doing for the wykeses! bye bye
Tue 30 Jul 2002 00:43:43
Joseph Weekes enlisted in the 74th Regiment of Foot in 1831 at the age of 21 years. His father was Joseph Weeks, County Antrim, but Joseph (the soldier) was born in Lisbon, Portugal. His birth year was during the Napoleonic Wars, which may be the reason for Lisbon. In 1834 he went to the West Indies. We presume him to be a full or half brother of our ancestor, Edward Fullerton Weekes, whose mother was Jane Fullerton (and father a Joseph Weekes of Antrim.) If anyone has more ideas about soldier Joseph, we'd welcome them. thanks.
Randy Weekes,
Tue 30 Jul 2002 20:54:41
Harry, am interested in tracing the Wicks/Fortune connection around Stroud. Have some info, but many missing links. Can you help?
Stephanie McCarthy [nee Wicks],
Sun 11 Aug 2002 01:21:33
gr8 site Harry.gr8 to know where our name originated from.thx
Kyle and Emily Wykes,
Wed 14 Aug 2002 22:05:38
Looking through the guestbook to see who else of the Wykes of Swedish origin has found their way here, the only one I found was my sister Cecilia, who signed the guestbook back in 1999. We are not related to most of you people, the name Wyke was taken, some time around 1900. Some of us live in Sweden, some in Denmark, a few migrated to the USA. I have relatives who know more, if anyone's interested. Regards, Jörgen
Jörgen Wyke, Stockholm,
Thu 15 Aug 2002 08:35:21
i loved the experience of working with the animals especially Quennie, the house was clean and warm, the food was great. the people were friendly and helpful. i am happy that i went, i didn't miss home at all i was too busy.
sapphire & jack R-C-Hill,
Sat 24 Aug 2002 18:54:09
"Wow", what a great webpage. I am a gggg granddaughter of James and Susan Wykes. My Great Grandfather is Ern (Fardy) Wykes from Bournewood via Yeoval. My Nan is Avery Wykes (Austin). I am currently updating a family tree and seeking any helpful information. Maybe at a later stage, this updated info could be added to your website.
Mandy Austin,
Sun 25 Aug 2002 05:20:07

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