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Hi I've just found an old school friend of mine on your pages - Diana Wykes - born 6/12/1955 we were at Downe House together - I'd very much like to get in touch with her again if anyone knows her whereabouts. Regards
Janie Watkins,
Thu 27 Dec 2001 02:25:35
I was totally amazed to find a web site when I did a search for "Wykes". My parents have 12 children (6 boys) so they are certainly helping to spread the name in Ontario(Canada). Your family group a847 - Walter Wykes was my grandfather, and Frank is my father. Many thanks for the help this site provides for my family tree.
Kathryn Wykes Poole,
Wed 02 Jan 2002 21:41:05
LOVED this site, I was a Wicks, my fathers family came from Thetford in Norfolk. I thought your site was very informative and interesting and a lot of hard work has gone into it, i have book marked it.
Thu 03 Jan 2002 17:24:54
Dear Harry, Great site. I have been looking into your site for a while now and thought I would contact you with the following info. We are tracing our descendants that come from Godmanchester, Huntingdon, England. So far we have got back to our Gr, Gr, Gradparents - Edward b.1821 Married to Susan Rose Rhoades b. 1825. Edward and Susan migrated to Australia approx 1848 - 1850. From there we have a very comprehensive family history, that is very interesting. Edward had two brothers, that also lived in Godmanchester, John B. 1818, married Elizaberth Mason B. 1820. and James B. 1815 married Ann Rhoades B. 1820. They were all married in Godmanchester and John and James had several children there as well. James descendants are buried in the church yard at Godmanchester. Their father is John Wykes b. 1792 married to Mary Slater around 1815. This is where our records stop. The census records for the Wykeses in Godmanchester are between 1848 and 1861, and then seem to drop off. Maybe our Wykeses moved to another area not far from Godmanchester? So anyone that may think their family ties in with our branch we would be very interested in hearing from.
Karen Wykes,
Fri 04 Jan 2002 05:10:13
My mother-in-law (who died 10/6/83) was Dorothy Emily Wykes and lived in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. She told me her Father (I think his name was George?) came from London and that she, her brother Arthur and her mother, were moved by his employer to live in Glos because the company moved there. She was a child when she moved - she was born on 28/1/1909 (the year may be slightly out. Her Father was a silver mounter and came to Nailsworth to work at a mill in the Stroud Valley called Walkers Sticks. He used to put the posh silver bits on gentlemen's walking sticks. If you can assist with any info as to who her parents may have been I would be grateful. I know it's long-shot because I have so little information about that side of the family. I'm doing really well on the other side because I have a 100 year old grandmother who can remember everything! I've only recently started looking into my family background and am not fully aware of all the ways to get information. I'm reading everything I can find and have looked at some very useful sites. You must have put in so much work to get all this information together - fantastic web site! Many thanks - Sylvia
Sylvia Pawsey,
Sat 05 Jan 2002 12:54:21
Thanks for creating this wonderful web site! Am decended from William Weeks of Priddy Somerset, who came to the USA in 1848.
Jon Youngberg,
Mon 14 Jan 2002 06:57:04
Harry, very informative site. I lost my father recently and am very inerested in tracing my family tree. Could you please advice me on the best place to start. thanks Jonathan
Jonathan Wykes,
Thu 17 Jan 2002 17:28:28
Hi,Harry:.Wonderful Northamptonshire census records!!Deeply appreciated.Regards,Mallory
Mallory Wykes Scott,
Sat 19 Jan 2002 23:54:54
I am attempting to trace my roots in the Devon area. Ancestor GEORGE WEEKES from section near Exeter, Honeychurch. Born circa 1600, m JANE CLAPP dau WILLIAM CLAPP of SALCOMBE REGIS. Have 1885 Geneaolgy if interested. Can supply updated info for my branch here on CapeCod Massachusetts USA.
Dana C Weekes,
Tue 29 Jan 2002 18:57:54
Harry, the site is fantastic. So much good stuff, but nothing on my branch of Weeks! My mother was a Weeks and we are descended from 3 brothers
Gail Lang,
Fri 08 Feb 2002 21:30:53

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