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Harry, thanks for the extremely neat Wykes Page. We're here in South Carolina; anybody close by? We'd love to hear from you! Thanks again, Harry!
Susan Wykes Bash,
Wed 28 Jan 1998 21:39:48
Have researched many families with spelling "Wike" from Lincoln and Catawba Co's., NC. Own copy of "The Wike Family descendants of Jacob M. Weik of North Carolina" by Monte and Noma Wike pub. 1978
Agnes E. Cloninger,
Fri 30 Jan 1998 01:31:31
I'm probably the last Wykes on earth to find your great WWW. Was re-reading a message from nephewKeith Lemons when I saw the blue site address. One click, and here I am! What fun to see so many Wykeses. I will return.
Frances Wykes Searcey,
Sat 31 Jan 1998 06:08:09
Harry many thanks. Greetings from Canberra, Australia. Here I was thinking that I was one of very few Wykes'. Now I know that there are more of them out there than you could poke a stick at. Keep up the great work
Trevor Wykes,
Tue 03 Feb 1998 23:24:33
Hi Harry Just returned from visiting our daughter in TX and so happy to see all the WYKES! A couple are cousins of mine and we have been in touch but it would seem that some of the others might be related. My g-grandfather was Charles John Wykes who came to the US in July 1849 from England. He married in Nottingham a few months before leaving. All information that I am obtained said he was from Liverpool but haven't ever found anything. His father John H. Wykes was a farmer.
Patricia Pratt,
Wed 04 Feb 1998 04:42:55
Hello again got your message, delighted to hear about the web update Agnes
Agnes E. cloninger,
Wed 04 Feb 1998 06:18:07
Just sent message re. trying to link William and John Weeks of Falmouth, Ma. U.S.A. mid 1600's to John "Warrior" Wykes (otherwise Weekes) of North Wyke, Devonshire, Eng. or perhaps a tie into William De Wigornia(Wyk) who had possesion of North Wyke in 1227. Any info. will be appreiated.. Regards.. Randy Weeks Ma. U.S.A.
Randall (Randy) Weeks,
Sat 07 Feb 1998 01:24:58
Hello Harry, I'm an Ohio Wykes living in St. Petersburg, Florida. I really enjoy your Web Page and quite surprised to see how many Wykes' there are in the world. I check your Web Page often. Thanks
Carolyn Wykes Cornaghie,
Sun 08 Feb 1998 19:35:41
Fantastic Site Harry!!! My mother gave me her maiden name since she had only sisters. She has passed on to me a love of the name WYKES! I'm a chorus teacher in Casper, Wyoming. E-mail me.
Paul Wykes Searcey,
Mon 16 Feb 1998 03:11:06
Hello from Washington State. I have 2 sisters, 2 uncles and a cousin who all live in the Seattle area. I really enjoyed the Web page. Thanks Harry.
Melanie Wykes,
Tue 17 Feb 1998 04:42:51

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