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Hello Harry, excellent site. We corresponded some years ago I believe. Now I'm bringing my family to England in July. Would like to show my sons some Weeks sites and sights of interest, in Devonshire. I descend from the Weekes/Wykes of Honeychurch. What can you suggest? Departing Canada for Britain on June 28th. Thanks
Dave Weeks,
Sat 09 Jun 2001 04:01:08
Great job. Looking forward to many more visits to the site. keep up the good work
Dave Wykes,
Sun 17 Jun 2001 17:10:09
Harry--Thank you, thank you. This a great work you are sharing. I am the widow of Stanley Allen Wykes and so appreciate the history of this family. Elizabeth
Elizabeth Holmes Wykes,
Sun 17 Jun 2001 18:36:07
I am the only WYKES in Rome, Italy, where I live.I come from Auckland, New Zealand.Our roots come from intermarriage in UK with DELLOW family and WYKES, before emigrating in the very early days.I would love to hear from anyone who may be faintly related.My direct WYKES relatives live in Whangarei,Christchurch,Wanganui and Auckland -New Zealand
Jennifer Wykes,
Sat 23 Jun 2001 17:48:58
I am glad to see that someone else out there is interested in the past. Keep out the good work. Conrad Wyke (Oldham Lancs).
Conrad Wyke,
Tue 03 Jul 2001 20:33:48
Hi, I was wondering how to update my email address on my database. It used to be janrand@mindspring, but have since changed to
Jana Pawlowski,
Thu 05 Jul 2001 03:11:59
I have found this site full of great info. My husbands grandmother was Julianna Wykes born in Little Brington 1886. Her father was Theophilus Wykes. Any one with information on this part of our family we would be happy to hear from.
Annie Bishop,
Sun 08 Jul 2001 03:31:01
Am searching Wicks family tree, originating in Surrey, so far, in late 1700's. William Wicks emigrated to Victoria in the early 1850's, probably chasing gold. Am intrigued by possible connections to Wykes, Wycha, etc.
Chris Wicks,
Tue 17 Jul 2001 05:54:18
Returning the complement Harry. I really do like the style of your site, some food for thought here. Have tried to find some spelling mistakes, to no avail!!!
Martyn Parsons,
Sat 28 Jul 2001 22:09:28
Henry, it has been a while. Still on the hunt to find out about my Grandmother, Beatrice Wykes, daughter of Ernest Wykes of Vancouver British Columbia. I have found no further information about Beatrice's mother and nothing else about her father Ernest or her uncle Edward Wykes. My grandmother, Beatrice passed away 2 years ago Christmas. I miss her terribly. Your site is truly wonderful and maybe one day I might get lucky and find someone who can help me solve this puzzle. Sincerely, Louise
Louise - Granddaughter of Beatrice Wykes,
Mon 30 Jul 2001 05:22:27

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