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I am trying to find my great grandfather's line. He is Martin Wyke b.April 1817 in Germany. He married a german lady Mary Schuman. They moved to Sycamore,Illinois. I found him on a census there. He became a naturalized citizen there. He left 5 children in Germany (grown) and had my grandmother Elizabeth in Illinois. HELP! I can't find out anything on him.I do know that he was a landlord of many houses.
Candy Muir,
Tue 02 Jan 2001 03:51:01
Hello All. Nice history on the Wyke estate. Thanks for the effort.
Dan Wykes,
Thu 04 Jan 2001 15:57:13
My husband's Great Grandfather was Edwin Stanbury, owner of North Wyke from 1928 to 1939. The family lived there since 1905 and his Grandfather William was born there. We visited North Wyke two years ago and found many family photos still hanging on the wall. It is a beautiful well kept castle. The grounds were immaculate. Your site is very informative, thank you for sharing it. All the relatives have enjoyed it. Kathy Oster, British Columbia, Canada
Kathleen Oster,
Fri 05 Jan 2001 06:36:56
Looking for John Wix from Wyckford,England Leaving there about 1750 for Montauk Point, Long Island, NY. This site has helped to renew my interest in my Grandmother's line on my Dad's side. Thank you for your work.
Don Morgan,
Tue 09 Jan 2001 18:49:15
We are looking for any information on a William Wykes, born about 1850,in Northamptonshire,England, he married Sophia Skelton, and migrated to Australia in 1877, with three young children. Would be very grateful for any information on William.
maureen and neil wykes,
Wed 10 Jan 2001 10:24:02
I am a descendant of George Weekes of Dorchester, MA. My friend and fellow genealogist, Carol Anderson is, I consider, the pre-eminent Weeks family genealogist in the world. She has published 3 books and is working on several others. ALL LINES. Reach her at
Rich Rollock,
Thu 11 Jan 2001 22:42:54
Lyn Caverhill and I are searching for the same Wykes from Little Brington and Bozeat. John Wykes was the Steward to the Earl Spencer in the mid 1800's.
LInda Constable,
Fri 12 Jan 2001 03:25:27
I enjoy catching up with this web site's progress. It is excellent. I am still trying to trace any South African Wykes's. What I know so far is my great great grandfather was called William Wykes, he married Elizabeth Thompson. My great grand father was born in 1864, he lived in S. Africa and had two children, Lillian and my grandfather William Ernest born in 1892, they came back to England when my grandfather was 12. He married Martha Irene Griffiths in 1916 and had 4 sons. The eldest Leonard was killed in action with the RAF in 1944 and is buried near Nymegen in the Netherlands, my father John (known as Stan) died aged 68 in 1993, Walter born in 1926 and very much alive and Alan died aged 45 in 1979. Lillian Wykes married a man called Fisher, they had a daughter Margaret who married Richard Brown. My grandfather was an active Mason, as were some of his sons, belonging to a London Lodge. the Wykes male line is now sadly depleted with only my cousin Michael carrying the name on. The rest of us ( and there are 6 females all have other names). I am visiting S Africa in October and would appreciate anyone with any information contacting me by e mail. Best wishes to all the other Wykes's out there and special thanks to Harry.
Val Long,
Sat 13 Jan 2001 00:42:08
Thanks for the invitation to view this site. It is very impressive. I'll review my Devon ancestors and then come back to you. (Descended from John Weeks, born Iddesleigh about 1640 and Joane Wannell.)
Diane Heald,
Sat 13 Jan 2001 00:43:39
Nice tidy site. I hope to find my WEEKS line by joining the list.
Marian Rea,
Sun 14 Jan 2001 12:27:12

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