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I stumbled apon this web site quite by accident and WOW! what a thrill.I have known for some time that our surname origins were very old but now from reading I am adding at least 200 yrs. to the 'hundred roll' time frame I was aware of. Excellent site!This one is going on my favorites for sure.
David Weeks,
Sat 27 May 2000 04:42:26
hello out there; family has been in us since1890's in new york, new jersey area. wrote in because grandma told me that family house {Wyke House?} in uk was to be passed from eldest son of eldest son, etc. who's got my keys???
Donald William Wyks,
Wed 31 May 2000 00:50:28
Born in Leicestershire, England in 1943. Migrated to Australia in 1961. Would like to hear from any relatives of Benjamin WYKE who was transported to Australia for 7 years servitude in 1797. He was originally from Leicestershire.
David Harold Wykes,
Sat 03 Jun 2000 07:58:59
Dear Eileen, my family was from Barrow-Upon-Soar area too. I have got more information and we will reply to Harry's page later. Albert Wykes could have been my Great Grandfathers' brother.
David Harold Wykes,
Sat 03 Jun 2000 08:28:29
Just found the site and very good it is too. For anyones information family originated from Islington UK I was born in Canada and returned to UK with family
Ed(Ted) C. Wykes,
Tue 13 Jun 2000 18:53:18
Just saying Hello to the Wykes' from Scotland.
Emma Wykes,
Thu 15 Jun 2000 13:55:25
I'm descended from Gloucestershire Weeks/Wykes and will be posting my interestes when I get organised.
Bernadette Siebert,
Sun 18 Jun 2000 05:02:28
My Weeks lineage, George Weeks, William Weeks, John Weeks, William Weeks, Hezekiah Weeks,Sam Weeks, Oren Weeks, James P. Weeks, Cark Oren, Ruby Weeks. Any info on these.
Sharon Culton,
Fri 23 Jun 2000 22:08:28
This is so cool! Our family is important in history. My birthday is November 16, the same day that James Wykes senior died.
Brian Wykes,
Fri 30 Jun 2000 22:29:15
I'm a great-great-great grand daughter of James and Susan, who appear in this site. I grew up in the places that you describe in the history - what a buzz to read about it all ... and my mum, Joan Wykes, was delirious when I told her.
Ruth Wykes,
Mon 03 Jul 2000 09:46:45

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