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As a resident of Cold Ashby I was interested in you website. I had been thinking of creating a website for Cold Ashby but I certainly wouldn't wish totread on your toes. Very interesting articles.
Sarah Favell,
Mon 03 Apr 2000 19:12:55
I'm fascinated by my surname and having read some of the history on this brilliant site I'm sure I'm related to aristocracy! Father is Raymond, Grandfather Robert and we hail from Bury, Lancs. Anyone else from that quarter? More to come.
Roland Wike,
Thu 06 Apr 2000 14:24:26
I have learned to open my heart and let some one love me and this is all thanks to Bryan M Wykes...for i love him with all my heart and soul. I love you Bryan M Wykes
Pauline L Reefer,
Sun 09 Apr 2000 18:50:07
What to say for a start the site was very helpfull and i hope to see it updated to the year 2000..thanks for all the neat info..o, And by the way i am in love with a it was nice to have a look you Bryan
Pauline L Reefer,
Sun 09 Apr 2000 19:15:10
Have spent several years trying to find the birth/Christening of my great grandmother. Elizabeth WEEKES/WEEKS born 1848 -1852 died in Farnborough Kent in 1922. Have checked the Census for Farnborough and there are three different birth places shown - Ticehurst in Sussex, Tonbidge in Kent, and Farnborough Kent. Unable to find her birth registered in GRO or any entry in parish records. Any help would be appreciated especially from those who may be researching the name in the Farnborough/Bromley areas of Kent UK, she had relations in this area. TIA Roy A
Roy Allchorne,
Tue 11 Apr 2000 04:13:21
Sat 15 Apr 2000 05:17:34
look forward to getting to know you harry and all the new found clan.18,4,2000
alan and eddie wykes ,Dublin,Ireland,
Mon 17 Apr 2000 22:59:19
Wow, my brother Nick Wykes in Wellington NZ told me about this site. Wykes is my maiden name. I think our family history goes back to England but I know little about it. I will be in touch.
Christine Wykes,
Wed 19 Apr 2000 19:46:26
Thank you. I am a descendent of Mary Abagail Weekes b 25 Dec 1844 in Kent County, MI, USA. That line goes back through John Parish Weekes, Refine Weekes, Augustine Weekes, etc.
Thomas Edward McCormick,
Thu 20 Apr 2000 01:08:53
Greetings to all the Wykes! You have a wonderful and very interesting website. David Wicks alerted me to it and I am glad he did. I have a website at and my group's research into our family name from Wickwar in Gloucestershire has followed along the same lines as the Wykes research. Great site and great history! Best wishes, C. F. Wickwire
Charles F. Wickwire,
Thu 27 Apr 2000 03:23:52

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