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SEARCHING FOR INFO ON THOMAS WEEKS - came to AMERICA FROM ENGLAND 1630s. I am a Direct Descendent of Thyomas Wicks (WEEKS, WICKES, etc.) born in 1609/1612 in England. I am just beginning to research this line, have rudimentary data written down by hand from an elderly aunt (ELLA WICKS of Finleyville - western PA). She provided the descendency by the following
Susan Welch,
Mon 03 Jan 2000 15:02:52
Thanks for this site! I am looking for info on James Weeks, b. 1790 possibly in Nantucket where he was married 1818. His son Samuel-born 1823 in Nantucket eventually settled in Jasper Co. Mo.
Charlotte Weeks Lappin,
Tue 04 Jan 2000 02:05:04
To say I was astounded when I found this would be an understatement, this is great to see, I've now added it to my favorites
Bryan Wykes,
Sat 08 Jan 2000 22:07:48
Greeting's from Fenton Michigan.A Very interesting web site.A lot of Wykes live in this area, a couple of them named
Roland Wykes,
Sun 09 Jan 2000 21:19:06
My cousin Bryan, told me he had a surprise for me, he wasn't wrong. This is a very interesting sight as I didn't know that there were so many Wykes' in the world.
Robert Wykes,
Sun 09 Jan 2000 21:50:28
Wow what a great site. Still trying to read all of it. I have some information on Wyke, my late cousin Harry Wykes gave me after traveling to England, but nothing like what you have put togather. Keep up the great work. I'll pass on your web adress to orther Wykes' in Michigan.
Arnold K. Wykes,
Thu 13 Jan 2000 03:36:55
What a great site I am a novas researching the weeks linage. I know my grandfather and uncles were loggers in wisc. and minn areas Also my GGGF Calvin James Weeks M Katherine Ruby, looking for his father and mother, Know she was a full blood Indian with the last name shabundy,chabundy something like this grave to be either in Utah or Idaho can any one help. Ruth Weeks sanson
Ruth Weeks Sanson,
Thu 13 Jan 2000 20:43:53
How exciting to find such a web sight! I've always been interested in my father's family. He was Howard Willis Weeks, born in Spring Hill, Texas. I believe that his family came from Alabama. Before that, I just don't know. Interesting information on the origins of the name. Keep up the good work.Cindy Weeks
Cindy Weeks Culbreath,
Thu 13 Jan 2000 22:54:17
Hello from a Northampton Wykes
Caroline Iliff nee Wykes,
Sat 15 Jan 2000 22:49:05
Wonderful site!
Bonny Weeks,
Sun 16 Jan 2000 03:43:23

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