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Great web site,will visit agian. Always new we were famous. D.J.Wykes CREWE CHESHIRE ENGLAND
David John Wykes,
Wed 10 Nov 1999 13:45:12
This is another spelling of the name Wick. It is spelled with a H but pronounced as a K. Roots are Germany and England.
Ferdinand J. Wich,
Fri 12 Nov 1999 04:26:32
Growing up I thought my family (from Grandparents on down) were the only Wykes' in the world. Now I am amazed at our numbers and the world that we cover.
David Lee Wykes,
Sun 14 Nov 1999 02:16:04
Great site. Good to know others appreciate having the name. PEACE.
Michael Wykes,
Fri 10 Dec 1999 03:09:06
Hello to you all, i knew this console would come in handy one day and look what i found! My tree hails from Birmingham and Shropshire...3 Wyke brothers travelled down to Birmingham and went into tailoring and met the Sommers's a long story but aren't they all. You can email me anytime with any information you have or just to chat.
Richard Wyke,
Fri 10 Dec 1999 21:22:30
Terrific site...l find it stirs up a great interest...well done
Mark Whykes,
Tue 21 Dec 1999 21:43:23
Hi. My uncle is working our family tree at the moment. We are are the Wykes' from Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK. If anyone has any information please get in touch. Hope to hear from someone soon.
Julie Hodgkins (nee Wykes),
Sun 26 Dec 1999 14:30:23
Exciting to find other WEEKES! Have traced my line back to AUGUSTUS W. WEEKES b.5-27-1850 in Keene, MI; m. HENRIETTA BAILEY WEEKES 1875. He was MI Senator 1901-04. d.1916. Buried Oakwood Cem.,Lowell,MI.Children HAROLD L WEEKES & ORA. Ancestors from UK. Ring any bells to anyone?
Marjorie WEEKES Priebe,
Tue 28 Dec 1999 22:34:43
Have new address; Have information on Wicks family of the Tywardreath, Cornwall, England area. Joseph and Jennifer Wicks?Weeks were married at Phillack, but moved to Tywardreath area later.
Barbara Cady,
Mon 03 Jan 2000 02:24:19
Could not find anyone interested in Tywardreath, Cornwall, Wicks family. Anyone out there have information on Elizabeth Wicks md 1823 to William Rodda?
Barbara Cady,
Mon 03 Jan 2000 02:37:54

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