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My mother was Minnie Ann Weeks decended from Leonard Weeks of Greenland, NH, USA. I have a wealth of information available. Let me know if you are interested.
Noreen Jenkins Blair,
Sat 07 Aug 1999 22:31:01
I was named after Sarah Weeks of Winchester, NH 1790's. I would appreciate any information anyone would have on her.
Sarah Weeks,
Sun 15 Aug 1999 22:53:00
I can't believe that there are this many people with the same last name as me.
Jessica Dian Wykes,
Tue 17 Aug 1999 21:39:56
My mother is a Weeks on both sides of her family, and we seem to be having difficulty finding our roots on one side. I am looking for information on Peter Askar weeks, born 27 Aug 1858 in Itawamba Co,MS. He died in Lamar County,Alabama on 14 June,1927. His mother was Parmelia Lovingood and his father was William Weeks.Any help would be appreciated.
Judy Alexander,
Thu 26 Aug 1999 19:49:32
Ggrandfather was Virgil Weeks b 2 DEC 1841, Seneca County, OH, USA. Who were his parents?
Fri 27 Aug 1999 19:30:41
My husband and I Have been researching the Weeks Family tree for my mother, Lois Weeks of Bellingham, Washington, USA. This site is wonderful. I have found a whole branch in the USA that might be of some help to all of us descendents of Wykes. My connection is Leonard Weeks (b. 08/07/1639) and Mary Redman (b. 12/16/1649). Leonard came to the US between 1639-1666 and started a whole lineage of Weeks in the New England area. You don't have any more information beyond Leonard Weeks in 1639 and his son John Weeks (b. 06/04/1668) in Greenland, Rockingham, NH. I have info going down to today and also some birth dates that you don't have. I would be happy to contribute information to this site. Please send me the specifics on your software program, I have Family Tree Maker 6.0 that can transfer to a GEDCOM file. This is a great site. Very helpful. Sincerely, Lorren and Kim Loveless Seattle, Washington, USA e-mail
Lorren and Kim Loveless,
Sun 29 Aug 1999 19:03:05

melissa wike,
Sun 05 Sep 1999 07:51:03
What a surprise.I did not know there were so many of us out there.I am from ATHLONE in IRELAND. All that I know is that my grandfathers family came from Dundalk but when I don't know can anybody help find this out please? Great site. anybody who wants to get in touch please do. From Ireland good luck everybody.
Richard Wykes,
Sun 05 Sep 1999 10:48:48
father-Ralph 1921,died 1983 Mineville,NY..g-father-Archie ? .. family lived around Port Henry/Mineville, NY Have no Idea beyond this.? any help..thx Joseph Ralph
Joseph Ralph Wykes,
Thu 09 Sep 1999 00:30:41
I am trying to find somewhere i can do my family tree both my parents sides of the family, if you can help me please mail me at the above address Thank you Amy
amy fleetwood,
Fri 10 Sep 1999 13:20:55

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