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Great website! Found it by accident. I'm looking for information on the Weeks line who went from Ala. to Oklahoma and settled in Murray Co. What I have I would be glad to share.
Wanda Oliver,
Sun 28 Mar 1999 21:59:17
Excellent Site,i'm in Lancashire,england and have what i believe two step sisters in the london area,my farther was Cecil Gearge. Any replys please E-Mail me. Graham
Graham Weeks,
Fri 02 Apr 1999 19:26:16
Will have to spend more time here, so much information. Am I the only Coloradan?
Scott Douglas Wykes,
Wed 21 Apr 1999 22:50:20
Great job, interesting links. I'm so pleased to find your site. I just found my Nancy Wike(possibly connected to Jacob Wike of 1810 Bedford PA), wife of Henry Kifer of Bedford Co. PA circa 1830-1880. Be glad to correspond with others working this family.
Terri Walker,
Thu 22 Apr 1999 03:21:38
Facinating web site. Anyone know about a South African connection. My grandfather William Wykes was born in South Africa. Came back to England - London when he was 12. (1900's.
Val Long,
Fri 23 Apr 1999 23:26:38
just started to look into my family tree. My father (James Martin W) came from Bedford. 1902 to 1972. His father (Harry) lived in Little Grove Place in Bedford.
Christopher Dale Wykes,
Sat 01 May 1999 15:32:08
I MUST POINT OUT THAT I DO EXIST, indeed there are many of us. 17th century romanies actually, the name WYKES means to go across the water. At least in some worlds anyway.
Caroline Wilton Wykes,
Wed 05 May 1999 18:25:33
Hi, Great to see that you have registered with the guild of one name studies. I have some Wicks information on my website at
Paul Wicks,
Wed 05 May 1999 20:56:03
researching George Weeks of Exeter, Devon, Eng or Salcombe Regis, Devon, Eng? Have his children and those of his son William. They went to Dorchester, Ma ca 1636.
Gale Smith,
Sun 09 May 1999 16:43:00
This is an obsessively magnificent site! There are scores of folks named Weeks or Weekes in Ireland. I've found several hundred Irish Week(e)s records from the 17th century. I know this is a remarkably broad site, but would you like to include the Republic of Ireland Weeks families? Dennis
Dennis Weeks,
Wed 12 May 1999 00:30:35

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