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Hello again Harry - fun browsing. The Newenham clan is pre-Norman (not tryping to play one-upmanship) they also are in Doomsday book. anyone out there NEWENHAM? ( Will check family tree - probably a Wykes on it1 Best regards Chris (Cool)
Christine and Charles Burton Newenham,
Fri 19 Feb 1999 08:21:54
Can someone tell me how these Weeks connect in Devon and the individuals on this wonderful site? My Dorcester, MA. Weeks line is George b. abt 1603 > William b. 1628 > Renew Weeks b. 1660 and married Benjamin Carpenter. Any additions or corrections to the following gratefully received. Regards, Emily. Descendants of George WEEKS Generation No. 1 1. GEORGE1 WEEKS was born Abt. 1603 in Devonshire, England, and died 27-Oct-1659 in Dorchester, Suffold Co. MA.. He married JANE WEEKS NEE CLAPP Abt. 1625 in England., daughter of WILLIAM CLAPP and JOHANA CHANNON. Children of GEORGE WEEKS and JANE CLAPP are: 2. i. WILLIAM2 WEEKS, b. 20-Aug-1628, Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.; d. 13-Dec-1677, of Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.. ii. AMMIEL WEEKS, b. 1633. iii. JOSEPH WEEKS. iv. JANE WEEKS. v. JOHN WEEKS, b. 07-Mar-1649/50, or 7 Mar 1651/52. vi. ELIZABETH WEEKS, b. 18-Sep-1653. Generation No. 2 2. WILLIAM2 WEEKS (GEORGE1) was born 20-Aug-1628 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA., and died 13-Dec-1677 in of Dorchester, Suffolk, MA.. He married ELIZABETH WEEKS NEE ATHERTON 1649, daughter of HUMPHREY ATHERTON and MARY WALES. Children of WILLIAM WEEKS and ELIZABETH ATHERTON are: i. JOHN3 WEEKS, b. 23-Feb-1651/52. ii. ELIZABETH WEEKS, b. 16-Sep-1653. iii. MARY WEEKS, b. 10-Nov-1656. iv. GEORGE WEEKS, b. 26-Nov-1658. v. WILLIAM WEEKS, JR., b. 26-Nov-1658. 3. vi. RENEW CARPENTER NEE WEEKS, b. 12-Aug-1660, Dorchester, MA. ?; d. 29-Jul-1703. vii. JANE WEEKS, b. 30-Sep-1662. viii. GEORGE (AGAIN) WEEKS, b. 02-Oct-1664. ix. SARAH WEEKS, b. 19-Aug-1666. x. HANNAH WEEKS, b. Bef. 13-Sep-1668. xi. SAMUEL WEEKS, b. 25-Jan-1669/70. xii. SUBMIT WEEKS, b. 03-Feb-1670/71. Generation No. 3 3. RENEW CARPENTER NEE3 WEEKS (WILLIAM2, GEORGE1) was born 12-Aug-1660 in Dorchester, MA. ?, and died 29-Jul-1703. She married BENJAMIN CARPENTER, SR. Abt. 1679, son of JOSEPH CARPENTER and MARGARET SUTTON. Children of RENEW WEEKS and BENJAMIN CARPENTER are: i. BENJAMIN4 CARPENTER, JR., b. 27-Jan-1679/80; m. MARY CARPENTER NEE BARNEY, 23-Jan-1705/06, prob Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.. ii. JOTHAM CARPENTER, b. 01-Jun-1682, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. 1760; m. (1) DESIRE CARPENTER NEE MARTIN, 10-Jul-1707; m. (2) ISABEL CARPENTER NEE SHERMAN, 06-Jun-1728. iii. RENEW WEST NEE CARPENTER, b. 14-Apr-1684, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; m. JOHN WEST, 04-Dec-1703, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.. iv. ELIZABETH WINSLOW NEE CARPENTER, b. 28-Feb-1684/85, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. Bef. Nov-1750, prob Falmouth, ME.; m. JAMES WINSLOW, Bef. 1709, probably Swansee, or Freetown, Bristol Co. MA.. v. HANNAH THURSTON NEE CARPENTER, b. 03-May-1688, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. 02-Oct-1768, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; m. DAVID THURSTON. vi. JANE CARPENTER, b. 31-Mar-1690, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. 15-Jun-1690, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.. vii. JOHN CARPENTER, b. 25-Mar-1691, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. 1766; m. (1) SARAH CARPENTER NEE THURSTON, 12-Sep-1717; m. (2) MARTHA H. CARPENTER NEE ???, Aft. 1744; m. (3) HANNAH MARTIN CARPENTER NEE ???, 19-Mar-1747/48. viii. SUBMIT CARPENTER, b. 22-Jun-1693, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. 09-Feb-1740/41, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.. ix. JOB CARPENTER, b. 16-Mar-1694/95, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; m. (1) ANNE CARPENTER NEE ???, Bef. 1764; m. (2) BARBARA CARPENTER NEE MILLER, 17-Dec-1764. x. KESIAH HORTON NEE CARPENTER, b. 26-Mar-1697, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; m. THOMAS HORTON, Aft. 29-Apr-1721, published at Swansea.. xi. HEZEKIAH CARPENTER, b. 27-Mar-1699, Swansea, Bristol Co. MA.; d. 19-Mar-1749/50.
Emily Irons Rogers,
Mon 22 Feb 1999 08:11:51
Looking for any infomation on van Geene,List,Dogget
Anthony van Geene,
Sat 27 Feb 1999 19:00:59
I am trying to trace my family in England and in Canada. My dad, Charles Robert was born in Canada (Feb18,1934)his father,Charles Samuel, was born April 16 1893 in England,married Frances Maud Smart(b.Jan 1,1899) on Oct 4,1924 in Podington near Wellingborough. Grandad died Prince Albert,Sask Dec 30,1953,Nanna died Feb 7,1972 (PA,Sask.Canada) my Dad died June 18,1986. As far as I know my grandparents had no other relatives in Canada. My parents were divorced when I was young although I kept up with my Dad. I have found a few relatives in England but am not clear as to relationship. I would appreciate any info you may have as to whether this is an arm I should follow through on. Thank=you for your time.
Barbara Wonetta Wykes-Paxton,
Thu 04 Mar 1999 00:06:39
Theodore "Ted" Edward Wicks b abt 1900 m Mary Matilda Bosch. Lived in New York City. Need help - family all gone that would be able to answer questions.
Laurie Wicks,
Fri 12 Mar 1999 21:59:09
I like, and have bookmarked the site. I have been researching my Wike family, which has been in Pennsylvania since at least 1800. Currently I am working under the belief that we are of German origin, and that the spelling was changed from Weik or Weick. But as I have no proof of that at the moment, I am looking into all possibilities. By the way, I have found a reference to the arrival of an Alex. Wike in Virginia in 1642. He most likely was of English origin, as Virginia was strictly an English colony, only 30-something years from the founding of Jamestown.
Bill Wike,
Mon 15 Mar 1999 12:59:15
I had no idea there were so many of us out there!
Chris Wykes,
Fri 19 Mar 1999 18:03:37
If anyone may have information on a John or George Weekes residing in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia mid-late 1800's, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Tammi Weekes,
Fri 26 Mar 1999 19:36:18
William Wicks was my grandfather. Just trying to track down some Wicks. He was a farmer and at one time lived in Huntington, New York.
Larry Buettner,
Sun 28 Mar 1999 10:07:01

Wanda Oliver,
Sun 28 Mar 1999 21:54:26

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