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Greeting from Tacoma, Wa. USA. A very impressive website, it's good to see I'm not the only Wykes.
David Andrew Wykes,
Fri 27 Nov 1998 04:46:27
Imagine my surprise to find this site! It's wonderful! Interesting and very informative!
Rachel Wykes,
Sat 28 Nov 1998 19:47:09
Brilliant Web Site The research is in a class above most web sites I have visited
John Day and Susan Bindon,
Mon 30 Nov 1998 11:52:08
Just discovered your web site and am loving it. Plan to spend more time in the future and hope to track some of my ancestors. I started in Boone, Watauga County, North Carolina but understand that my great grandfather came from Alexander County, North Carolina. Don't know when and where they came from before that.
Robert James Wyke,
Mon 14 Dec 1998 04:40:58
Hello! I was researching my family names and of course I looked up my mom's maiden name which is Wickes and I am finding it very interesting to read all the backrounds and roots of my family. If it helps at all, my Grandma told that I am English, Dutch and German on that side of the my family.
Brooke Flugel,
Tue 15 Dec 1998 18:10:25
A bigger familly than I thought
Clive Wykes,
Sun 20 Dec 1998 12:25:57
Help. We have a C16th oak settle with carvings of grotesques and coats of arms. Are you able to point me to where I can have them researched to find out more, such as whose are they etc. Many thanks and Regards, David Coomber.
Longmynd Antiques,
Mon 21 Dec 1998 20:09:46
I need to order dut-mop head(s) and don't know how.
David I . Wright,
Sun 27 Dec 1998 07:57:42
i am the grandson of george gilbert weeks born in 23 april 1874 ryde isle of white son of henry weeks chr.26may1836 son of william weeks of carasbrook appr.1806 wifes name mary ann royals
john park,
Mon 28 Dec 1998 23:04:47
A short message to say that I have changed my e-mail address. I hope to put a some useful information on the Forum page quite soon.A Happy New Year to all the Wykes.
Frederick H. Wykes,
Tue 29 Dec 1998 13:28:10

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