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Great site. I was looking for Glenn Wykes who married Margaret Wice. In Sault St. Mrie, Michigan.
Wed 28 Dec 2016 15:20:56
Grandfather was Frederick William Wykes, Great Grandfather was John Frederick Wykes of Tydcote in Lincolnshire. Elizabeth Wykes from Kent was married to Henry v111's Chancellor Thomas Cromwell. Wykes name is pre conquest and one of only a few surnames in use at that timeused at that time.
Bryan Haig Wykes,
Wed 04 Jan 2017 19:45:08
My mother was born Rachel Wykes in 1922 and lived in the schoolhouse in Kingsbrudge.
VALERIE seward,
Sun 05 Feb 2017 23:05:08
My mother was born Rachel Wykes in 1922 and lived in the schoolhouse in Kingsbrudge.
VALERIE seward,
Mon 06 Feb 2017 12:41:41
What a great website, thank you for all the information....I am the great, great granddaughter of Ann Wicks born abt. 1800 Paddington, Middlesex, London, I am finding it hard to clarify her parentage. She married James Absalom in Wilcot Wiltshire in 1819. Can you suggest a way forward for my research please. Many thanks
Sat 18 Mar 2017 20:56:13
Still working on Family Tree. Now have new variation of spelling of last name - Wykeses
Jack Wicksey,
Tue 21 Mar 2017 16:18:40
Hello Carol, Welcome to Wykes Web. I look in here occaisionally but not as often as I used to. I would suggest you check the census returns for Wilcot as it is quite likely that your Wicks family were from there originally. My own Wicks family lived in Paddington for a while, if you see Edmund Wicks, coachman and livery stable owner, that's them! Best wishes David Wicks (potter) Birmingham and Gloucestershire UK
David Wicks,
Wed 12 Apr 2017 13:37:07
Hello Carol, me again, if there isn't an 1831 census for Wilcot there should be birth , christening marriage,or burial records from the parish registers of the area. There is often a 'Bishops transcript ' even if the original parish copy is missing. Try Salisbury records office. I don't know it but many record offices have an online catalogue where you can search for names. My friend Ronda Wicks, Canadian with Wiltshire links might be able to help you. I will contact her for you. Best wishes, David
David Wicks,
Wed 12 Apr 2017 15:19:58
Hi Carol, I have looked through my own Wicks files and found nothing on Ann Wicks but as you say, she was born in Paddington; my files are primarily Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. I will keep an eye out though. Best Wishes.
Ronda Wicks,
Tue 16 May 2017 19:42:55
My father's side of the Wykes family were in the Leicestershire area. I remember when I was about 10 one of my teachers decided to seat us in the classroom by name order. When he got to W he went through all of the vowels for the next letter. He assumed I had made a mistake - then I proudly said Wykes.
Lindy Chanter (nee Wykes),
Fri 09 Jun 2017 17:01:42

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