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My ancestor, Peter Wykes of Surry VA. lmarried Hulda Ladd, their daughter, Margaret Wykes married Robert Hunnicutt. Would like to have ancestry of Peter Wykes.
Roger Russell,
Sat 02 Apr 2011 15:10:39
I wonder can any light be shed on my line of Wykes's please. My great grandfather was George Henry Wykes, also known as Harry Wykes and buried under the name Henry George Wykes. He was born in 1876 in Smethwick. His father was James Wykes and his father was John Wykes from Groby Leics. When my g grandfather George Henry and his wife Clara Mason had their last child in 1913, George seemed to vanish. I do know he was buried though in 1948. I'm trying to fill in the gaps. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks for a wonderful Wykes site.
Kim Wykes,
Fri 06 May 2011 11:41:22 computer knocked out, and when fixed I forgot my forum entrance information. I think it was Randy Weeks, but the other part......????? Boy is it tough when you get old......Randy
Randy Weeks,
Sun 08 May 2011 03:11:25
I entered the Forum info which I used yesterday, but it wouldn't work. I did it about 15 times and nothing. You now told me the same thing as last time....I did it .....and worked again. Thanks again.......Randy
Randy Weeks,
Tue 10 May 2011 01:55:41
Hello! Very good job(this site)! Thank you man.
Tue 24 May 2011 05:00:59
Where do I start? Grandfather was Henry Von Weeks, great grandfather Henry Von Weeks and if I can tell great great grandfather was also Henry Von Weeks.....
DS Owen,
Wed 01 Jun 2011 02:29:28
Sorry I missed this page when searching earlier. How many of us say "Wykes W Y K E S" when asked to repeat our name? So far as I am aware my branch originated in the midlands around Birmingham, but another origin I believe is in the Winchester area of Hampshire.
Bryan Haig Wykes,
Fri 10 Jun 2011 16:13:13
hello harry, was just going through the visitors list and found some information on my grandparents and found out more about them visitor list number 88 cant tell you how happy i am to see that i really had a granmother margaret purves it means so much thank you many times over
georgina dedemus,
Sun 12 Jun 2011 18:31:37
Whew' After reading all the name variations I'll go back to the 1860 U.S. Fed. Census and try again to find Charles Wykes and wife, Margaret Jane LaBrant, and their children, Abner, Angeline, Jennie (Jane), Katherine E., William E. and John Henry Wykes before Charles dies in the U.S. Civil War in 1864 in Tennessee.
Beverly Broadbent LaBrant,
Fri 01 Jul 2011 22:27:35
looking for information on a john wickes 1756 uk. and john haughton wickes married to elizabeth lewis clockmaker. thanks
James Wickes,
Wed 06 Jul 2011 13:07:00

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