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I am the father of Charles F. Wykes at Caddington,Beds. He put me in touch with you and I am delighted to find this website because I have our own family tree going back to James Wykes who died in 1831. We know that he lived at Nuneaton and that he was probably ememployed on the Newdigate Estates there.I have more information. How do I best display it?
Frederick H. Wykes,
Sun 23 Aug 1998 17:29:03
I am a descendant of William Weeks who settled in Martha's Vinyard, Mass around 1653. In my other area of research, I ran across the name Dr. Bradford S. Weeks, who has written several books about Sacred music. Do any of you Weekseekers have any knowledge of him?
Cecilia Davis-Taylor,
Mon 24 Aug 1998 01:11:21
Hi - Good to see so many maybe relatives. I am a nicholas now and very happy to be so but i will answer to wykes in these circumstances!
Wed 02 Sep 1998 00:59:05
Oh what a lovely site we saw ! it was beautifully presented, very easy to read we particularly liked the plan of priory and the arms etc. we were pointed to the site from the H-Albion History mailing list. re the Stanneries
The Shanahans,
Wed 02 Sep 1998 05:11:34
Hello from downunder, great to see a Wykes home page, it has prompted me to do a little research too see where I fit in
Wayde Wykes,
Fri 04 Sep 1998 12:26:54
My maiden name was McMennamy. I am Verlene Dale McMennamy's cousin. I ran across your homepage by accident, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Alicia Horn,
Fri 04 Sep 1998 23:24:05
Mr Wykes I love your site, especially the heraldry. I have searched so long for any kind of Wike heraldry, and was shocked at all the great designs, many i loved more than common heraldic shields. Our set of Wikes possibly Wykes, was from Germany not England like some of those heraldic pieces were. I am interested in additional addresses on the Wikes or Wykes, and would appreciate it if you would e-mail anything extra you know or another great site like yours about the Wikes i could visit. I am looking on both sides of my family also, searching for some heraldry of the Isaacs, or Isaccks, or the Hoffmanns, or Huffmanns. If you could help in any way on those i would gladly apprecite it. I am a searching for wikes in the southeastern part of N. america, also the same for huffman and Isaac, so any help you could give me that would be as great as your site would be gladly appreciated. Sincerely Yours, "Galfridus" Wike
G Wike,
Sun 06 Sep 1998 01:25:10
Thanks for all the hard work! I'd heard that the Weeks name came from "Wykes". It is good to see it being confirmed. I live in Oregon (US). My branch of the Weeks migrated from Kansas (US) in the 1930's. Prior to that they were in Illinois. We can't get beyond the Great Chicago Fire to link our branch of Weeks to others. Any info would help.
Denzel Weeks,
Mon 07 Sep 1998 18:00:24
My Grandmother Nealie WEEKS Clardy was a G G G Grandaughter of Michael WEEKS who came from McMinn Co. TN. To MS in 1830.
Albert Edd Clardy,
Sat 12 Sep 1998 17:25:28
I need help on the Jacob M. Weik family of North Carolina, and any his relatives around the Rowan County, Alexander County area Thanks GWIKE
G Wike,
Mon 14 Sep 1998 21:48:06

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